2 teens killed in East Point triple shooting

Families of two teens killed in an East Point triple shooting are devastated and want answers.

East Point police say 17-year-old J'viontay Woodmore was shot in the head and died near a bridge adjacent to the East Point Marta Station on Main Street and 18-year-old DeMarcus Woodard was shot and died at the hospital. The shooting happened at 4:20 p.m. Tuesday afternoon in broad daylight.

Police say some unarmed teens were spray painting or tagging near the elevator when a man approached the teens and an argument ensued. Police say one of the men pulled out a gun to solve the problem.

"It appears there was a fight and one side decided to pull out a gun and shoot. It appears that we have one shooter that shot three [unarmed] teens," says East Point Police Captain Allyn Glover.

"He was dead on the scene. He didn't have a chance. You have shattered my whole world. You just don't understand, " a tearful Cheryll Woodmore pleaded. J'Viontay was the oldest of four children. The family moved to East Point from Ohio several years ago. Woodmore was a junior attending Frank McClarin High School.

"I did not come to Georgia to bury my child. This is awful," Ms. Woodmore continued. Tears flowed from the other family as well.


"They took everything away from my brother. He was just 18 years old. He just turned 18 in September. He had so many dreams. He was at a Christian academy. He was about to graduate. He was going to college and he was going to play football," Woodard's sister Rashunda Johnson pleaded.

Johnson says Woodard was a football and basketball player at Life Christian Academy and attended Tri-Cities High School before that.

East Point detectives say they are trying to determine if the shooting was gang-related. They say they need the public's help and remind the community that anonymous tips could lead to a reward of up to $2,000.