Good Day Atlanta viewer information March 24, 2020

LINDSAY ALBANO OF ROSWELL HIGH SCHOOL:   Lindsay Albano, a Special Needs teacher at Roswell High School for the High 5 teacher of the year 2020 award. She is the most patient and amazing leader of a group of special needs students. I have come to know Ms. Albano, specifically through my work, as a manager at the Stars and Strikes – Sandy Springs location.

Lindsay has created a groundbreaking internship program for her students allowing them to come to the center daily – (a few days each week) to gain incredible on-the-job, hands on vocational training. This is teaching these amazing students life skills, the importance of work ethic, time management and responsibilities. Lindsay and her students have become such an asset to our center. They wear team member shirts while on the job. They help primarily with cleaning tasks, setting up or events and other daily tasks, such as restocking our “Winners Circle” prize redemption store. This program was so successful last year, that they hired a student who graduated. He is an incredible young man, working part-time at their facilities team.

I know how important it is for these students to have every opportunity to conduct “normal” lives once they graduate high school and gain independence to lead productive and meaningful lives. Lindsay has found a way to not only teach these children basic curriculum, but to make a lasting impact on their lives and future. Lindsay is the most positive, upbeat and patient person I have ever met. I see her day in and day out overcoming the challenges each of these students present with a huge smile on her face. (This comes naturally to her since she is also a Cheer coach). Lindsay is making a difference in our community in a very big way and I think this is a critical responsibility of being an educator. She deserves to be recognized for what she has created with the support of her school and administration."


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