Tax Time: what to toss, what to save

If you're prepping for taxes, you are wading through a lot of old paperwork you probably don't need anymore. Let’s look at what to save, what to toss. Get into that big drawer or box that you stuff your paperwork and let’s clean it out.  

WARNING: Beware of this coronavirus scam

Nothing like a crisis to bring out the scammers. The coronavirus has all the ingredients for a scam: fear, fast-changing developments, and simple emails posing as well-respected authorities.

Used for both good and evil, golden gun finally comes home

When it comes to breaking the color barrier, there are the firsts you strive for and the ones you hope never happen. Nearly 60 years ago, Claude Mundy made racial history in Atlanta. He became the first black Atlanta Police Department officer to be killed in the line of duty.

Start collecting your tax documents now

Your tax documents will start rolling in any day now which means you need to get your ducks in a row to be ready to file. In order not to be overwhelmed you have to tackle the chore of tax prep step-by-step. Let's start by collecting your own documents.

Toyota issues new airbag recall

Almost three million airbags with faulty airbag sensors need to go because they might not deploy in an accident, according to carmaker Toyota. The failure to discharge may be seen in crashes where the front end of the vehicle slides under the back end of another.

'Theft scheme' allegations put pizza managers out in the cold

Plenty of NFL fans will make sure to include pizza on their NFL playoff party menu this weekend. But for one group, it’s likely the last food they want to see. They’re the managers and supervisors who suddenly lost their jobs at a national pizza chain, each told they played a role in "a theft scheme."